meet kelly


First of all, THANK YOU for virtually allowing me into your lives so that I can share my passion for good, wholesome, harmless food & lifestyle with you. My passion is driven by the fact that I did not always live like this so I know first hand how the impact of a healthy lifestyle can change your world.

Growing up I didn't really think or care about the food I consumed. In high school I ate Red Barron pizzas and nachos any chance I got, I probably spent the majority of my first 19 years of living in dehydration, and struggled to have clear skin.  Through my college years I slowly started to wake up to my potential and was jokingly titled "organic girl" by my roommates. After school I spent my afternoons testing plant-based recipes and scouring the internet for healthier alternatives to the foods I loved most. I stopped allowing myself to be ignorant to the effects my food choices made on not only myself but the environment and animals as well. Now in my mid-twenties, I am driven to teach people that healthy living through food and lifestyle is not only attainable but it is FUN! 

The Nutritious Table will teach you:

  • how to have a healthy and loving relationship with the food you consume
  • recipes to make whole and nutritious meals
  • how to incorporate low-waste living into your life
  • how honoring ourselves, the planet, and the animals begins with our food choices

My hope is that this brand will build a community of respect, kindness, and love for ourselves, and the earth, to change the world we live in together. Happy eating, everybody!