Matcha, Matcha, Matcha


My journey to "quitting" coffee has been the biggest roller coaster I think I've ever been on. If you've known me in any capacity since 2011 you probably know that my coffee addiction was reaaaaalllll. I'm talking cup after cup every day like I was working 14 hour days on Wallstreet or something. It was truly what kept me going! My dependency was so unhealthy to the point that it was affecting my cardiovascular health and I had several doctors tell me in 2014 that I needed to cut it out completely. So I did....for two months. I certainly didn't pick back up my old habits but I still couldn't imagine starting a morning without a cup of hot, black coffee. The following 3 years were an up and down metaphor of a roller coaster as I moved from coffee to tea, back to coffee, a combo of both, etc. It wasn't until very recently when I made the mental shift that I needed to break the habit for my mental freedom as well. Anxiety is something I have dealt with since I was a kid and it's certainly not a secret I hide. Since I was able to pinpoint what exactly it was that felt different in me compared to everyone else, I have been on a journey to balance myself. So if you're putting the pieces together, you'll see that "giving up" coffee had to be done. I say "giving up" and "quitting" because I don't hate coffee and I will have a cup on the RARE occasion because I now know that if I drink it too often or too much I will feel the negative effects from it. Since detoxing my body and breaking this habit it's amazing how different I feel! 

When I first discovered matcha, I bought a powder that had cane sugar in it. Which tasted SO good because you know...sugar. But I quickly fell off the matcha train when I realized that the real deal powders are straight green tea powder and I just wasn't vibing the intensity of it. Fast forward to this past Christmas when I received matcha powder in my stocking and decided to give it a second shot. Much to my surprise, I. was. HOOKED. I really can't tell you what the shift was but I think the majority of it was a change in tastebuds through my journey to choosing healthier foods, and being sick and tired of feeling on edge and anxious after my morning cup of coffee. With matcha I have noticed:

  • A decrease in my anxiety
  • A major decrease in feeling like I need to have caffeine in the mornings
  • I have sustained energy throughout the day and I don't feel the 3 pm crash
  • My skin has cleared up more and looks healthy and dewy

It took a while to find the right recipe for me because when it comes to drinks, I like everything to be simple. My go-to matcha recipe is:

I put everything, in that order, into my Vitamix and let it run for about 30 seconds on medium-high speed. Also, some people use a 50/50 water/nut milk ratio but I don't like milk in it as much. It all comes down to a personal preference! Play around with some recipes and see if you find one that works for you. 

Important tips for new matcha friends:

  1. There is a major difference in culinary matcha vs ceremonial. Make sure you are using ceremonial for drinking purposes or else you'll end up with a very gritty and bitter cup of matcha. Culinary matcha powder is made for baking. 
  2. Use hot water and never boiling water or else you will scorch the delicate green tea powder.
  3. Add matcha powder to your blender last to keep it from sticking to the bottom and not blending properly.
  4. If you are traveling and don't have access to a blender, you can always use a matcha whisk and a bowl to mix the matcha properly. Add the powder and a splash of hot water into a bowl, whisk it around until it becomes a paste, then add in all of your other ingredients and enjoy!